House Captains

At C.G.P.S. all students are placed into one of the four houses that are named after a famous person from Australian history. They are also linked to a colour. Even though the houses are primarily used for sports, the names are not all necessarily athletes. We have: cricketer Sir Don Bradman (red), philanthropist Caroline Chisholm (blue), founder of the Royal Flying Doctor Service John Flynn (yellow) and singer Dame Nellie Melba (green).


Each year the houses meet to listen to the speeches of students nominating to be house captain. Through a ballot, they elect boy and girl captains and vice captains. It is their responsibility to organise and motivate team members during events. Here are our captains for 2021.


Captains Vice Captains
Elnaz Duntae Jazmyn Aarya



Captains Vice Captains
Raegan Stella Ainsleigh Alista



Captains Vice Captains
Kelcey Aditya Abbie Cisco



Captains Vice Captains
Asrita Arav Gauri Cora