At Courtenay Gardens Primary School our Literacy program is based around a whole school focus on Reading and Writing. It closely follows the CGPS instructional model and expectations of the Department of Education Victorian English Curriculum.



The reading program at CGPS follows the Reading Workshop model, which includes a range of effective reading practices. All students participate in Independent Reading sessions where they can select their Just Right Book and develop the necessary skills and strategies to become lifelong readers. We encourage students to think more deeply about their reading through focussed sessions such as Guided Reading, Reciprocal Reading, Literature Circles and Close Reading. Each student has a reader’s notebook where they can record their thoughts about what they have read and personal reflections of their progress as readers.



Our whole school writing program involves the consistent approach to writing through the steps of planning, drafting, editing, revising and publishing. Our writing program incorporates a range of writing instruction focussing on whole class, small group and individual needs. We include modelled, shared, guided and independent writing. Each student has a writer’s notebook to develop his or her own ideas, skills and strategies to become a more competent and confident writer.


Speaking and Listening:

Speaking and listening is central to the Courtenay Gardens Primary School Curriculum and is developed throughout our school, across all curriculum areas. We nurture and develop student’s speaking and listening skills through a variety of approaches: discovery learning, responding to texts, inquiry, partner work, individual conferences, small group tasks and other collaborative learning opportunities. All staff in our school model the use of higher level vocabulary using subject specific terminology.