English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Courtenay Gardens Primary School runs an EAL (English as an Additional Language) program for students in Prep – Grade 6.  Currently 38% of our students are classified as EAL learners. These students receive specialist EAL instruction to support them in their English language development and proficiency. This is done through oral language and vocabulary development, and explicit teaching of reading and writing skills.


We focus in particular on our highest needs students, withdrawing small groups for targeted instruction. Students who have lower needs but still need support are catered for in the classroom so that they can access teaching and the curriculum. Our program focuses on immersing students into the English culture and language by working on consolidating and reinforcing skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing; and by giving students a chance to use a range of language functions important for working and playing with others.


Students are identified to have extra EAL specialist instruction based on their English language proficiency and year level.

Some students will receive an EAL report for English and this is completed by the classroom teacher. An EAL report is based on the student’s progress in acquiring the necessary language and skills to meet the curriculum.