My name is Mrs Allison and this year I am taking on the role of the Wellbeing teacher at CGPS. Last year I was a Grade 2 classroom teacher and I have taught all age groups in primary schools in my teaching career in Australia. I have also completed over 26 years teaching Physical Education in many High School settings in the UK.


My role is to develop the wellbeing of all students and staff in the school and this may arise in many different settings. Students who have worries or concerns can meet with me, I can help with challenging situations for students in the yard and in class. I find it rewarding to support staff and students in all areas and I enjoy seeing the amazing outcomes for our students.


My first project was to streamline the school rules and the consequences that will arise if the rules are broken. All classes have discussed these new posters and added their own class detail to each of the rules. We thought it would be beneficial for all parents to see the new posters and we hope this will help you as parents to support your child, the CGPS staff and the school.

I look forward to an excellent year of fun, learning and great successes in the classroom.