Junior School Council

C.G.P.S. has a Junior School Council made up of representatives that are elected by their classmates in Grades 3 to 6. These leaders are involved in fundraising, however in 2021 the main area is school improvement. The J.S.C. create action groups to give students a voice and drive for school improvement in and out of the classroom.


We have surveyed the classes and we are going to find commonalities amongst the areas where students feel the school could be improved. The four school leaders will then lead a group of students and come up with an action plan for one school improvement idea and they will take action to implement that idea. 


Grade 3

3B Luke 3C Levi 3L Diya 3M Lily 3O Scarlett


Grade 4

4A Stefan 4D Hayley 4J Sophie 4L Amaya 4R Jessica


Grade 5

5C Alista 5D Stella 5L Asrita 5M Payton 5S Lily


Grade 6

6B Bhavya 6G Guneet 6H Jackson 6S Aryan 6W Cayleigh